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Planning a major home project can be extremely overwhelming and challenging. While you have a general idea of what you want and need out of your renovated or new space, questions and confusion seem to surround the process and often lead to mis-steps or slowdowns in the planning process:

- Who do I call first?

- How do I make sure I am getting a fair price? What is a fair price for what I want?

- How to I make all these choices? And where do I go to make them?

- How do I get the look I want with the confidence that I am buying solid products and sticking to my budget?

- Do I tear down or do I renovate my older home?

- How do I choose my builder, architect, landscape designer…etc?

The simple answer it to make sure that you Build Smart! Knowledge and confidence are your best tools during the process and Build Smart has the team and process to make this happen. 

More than anything experience makes the difference in being able to answer these questions and guide you in the right direction. Simply put with over 30 years of direct custom project experience each Andy and Emily Rosenthal have the knowledge, the contacts, and experience to work you through each of these and the many more challenging questions that are part of a renovation, addition or new home project. Andy and Emily have been published numerous times, won scores of local and national awards for their projects, but most importantly have the decades of intimate involvement in custom construction projects to use as a knowledge base. They know what has worked, they know what products or selections clients have regretted, and they have seen the life-cycle of many products and technologies which helps them to separate the great new ideas from the passing fads. Bringing that kind of experience to the project as your advocate will give you the guidance and confidence to get your home done the way you want it and on budget.

Our compensation is all based on a simple hourly fee, this not only makes our cost structure clear and easy to calculate, but reinforces that we are solely here to work for you as your advocate. We are not pushing the agenda of an architect, builder, designer, subcontractor, material supplier, or anyone else. Your goals and mission become our goals.

Let us help you not only build smarter, but also with more confidence and with more control.

Whether you are planning a new home, an addition, or renovation we can help you avoid costly mistakes by using our experience to help smoothly guide you though the process. There are many decisions including what lot to buy, whether to add on to your existing home, tear down you existing home and start over, what architect to choose, when do I select a builder, how do I select a builder, what type of kitchen cabinets do I choose, what appliances best fit your needs, how can I stay in my budget and get what we had planned, do I use Grohe or Kohler for my bath fixtures, do we use marble or tile, and hundreds of more decisions.. For a reasonable hourly fee we can help you Build Smart. Most of the people you will work with doing the process are very honest, but they are looking to make money by helping you spend your money. We look to save you money, most of the time our fees are saved 10 times over when we show you the tricks of the trade. We are your advocate. Our mission is to guide you through the process with concise advice based on hundreds of custom homes we have built over the past 30 years. We listen to what you say and then find a way to give you what you want in the budget you have set.

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